Ubuntu Server on HP Proliant - managing RAID for webborwser

Step by step. Setup in Ubuntu 10.04 server

1. Copy folder hp-deb in  download from web http://downloads.linux.hp.com/SDR/downloads/ProLiantSupportPack/ubuntu/pool/non-free/

2. install by use command .
dpkg -i hpsmh...
dpkg -i install hp-health...
apt-get install -f
dpkg -i install hp-health...
dpkg -i hp-snmp-agent...
dpkg -i hp-smh-templates...
dpkg -i hponcfg...
dpkg -i hpacucli... #optional
dpkg -i cpqacuxe
Typing command and enter Tab select file support system of computer. Example i386 or amd.
If install show error in text command. You must read it and install command error one more.

3. After install finish. Open webborwser and enter url example https://IP:2381
In Ubuntu login by using username and password of root. If you not set password root you can set by useing command "passwd" and enter password of root.
In WindowsServer login by using UserName and PassWord Administrator of Domain by use sci\Administrator.

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