Axapta X++ : Create and Delete Template in Axapta.

1. Create by go to menu Inventory management --> Items and select item is prototype and click right select Record Info. Show dialog box.

1.1 Create template for all user in company click button Company accounts template. And set name template.
1.2 Create template for one user is mean is not show template all user. By click button User template and set name template.
Finish step create template.

2. Delete template. have two method.
2.1 Template is create by User template. We can delete by go to menu Inventory management --> Items and click new item. Show dialog box template you can choose template and click button delete in menu bar.
2.2 Template is create for all user in company it can't delete follow in step 2.1
If you must delete template follow step by.
Go to menu Basic ---> Setup ---> Record templates and click tab Templates. And choose template we must delete. Then click delete button in menu bar. Finish step delete template for all user company.


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