Windows Server 2003: Group Policy Auto Set Proxy.

Windows Server 2003 : Group Policy Auto Set Proxy.
1. Remote to Server domain example Server4
2. Oprogram Group Policy Management by enter to Start ---> AdministrativeTools --> Group Policy Management
Expand by step Forest : SCI.COM ---> Domains ---> SCI.COM --> Group Policy Objects ---> Default Domain Policy see image

3. Click right in Default Domain Policy select Edit follow image

4. Enter to User Configuration ---> Windows Settings ---> Internet Explore Main ---> Connection Expand follow step see image.

5. Click right in Proxy Settings and select Properties follow image.

6. Set Proxy and Exceptions by you want. example see image.

**Wanning : After set auto proxy in step finish. On machine client not update now you mush logoff computer or reboot machine client.

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