Transfer Eudora to Thunderbird Successful

1. Back up mail and Attachment
2. Install program Thunderbird
*** If you install new Windows. You must copy and run program Eudora complete. And see mail and Attachment it complete must old program Eudora.
**** You remove cable network out. After run program Thunderbird.
3. Open program and program auto ซิ้งข้อมูล or select menu tool Import ---> Eudora next .... Finish
4. Insert data as user mail,password
5. Delete Eudora Setting เหลือไว้แค่ 2 อัน คือ Local Import and Mail of mane
6. Setting send mail --> Select Tool --->Account setting ---> Tab right select Outgoing Server
and insert Port 10025 click OK. test send mail

** Warning **

- จะซิ้ง mail successful area is two เท่า for mail

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