Ubuntu : Install : ServerExtranet

1. Install Ubuntu 10.04 Server by select guide Install and set software openssh-server
2. Edit sources list new
3. Install apache2 use code apt-get install apache2
4. Setting Vbox ---> Network Adapter1 : Bridged Adapter for get ip real.
5. in ubuntu use command in terminal ifconfig for looking ip for network.
6. Test Apache by open browser and insert address ip in (5.) if browser show It Works. it ok.
7. Set ip new in network. by use command nano /etc/network/interfaces
edit dhcp to static and remote look server2 file nano /etc/network/interfaces or use command
  2. iface eth0 inet static
  3.         address
  4.         netmask
  5.         network
  6.         broadcast
  7.         gateway

8. restart network by use command /etc/init.d/networking restart
9. Test apache by (6.) . by use new ip.
10. if (9.) not work. use command check LAN (
  1. mii-tool
) or (
  1. ifconfig
for look etc and use
  1. ifconfig eth0 up
and restart networking) .
if it ready not use command in (10).
11. install MySql-server by use command (
  1. apt-get install mysql-server
and set password root) step install select apache2 and set password 3 times
12. Test phpmyadmin by open browser get address IP/phpmyadmin and insert user and password
13. Copy file backup for server and extract and create new database in phpmyadmin is name same database real.
14. import database
15. Install webmin by copy file backup to server2/var/www/cc. by use ftp in ubuntu or other method.
16. use code in terminal for servertest (
) for download file insert home for server test. Or use method other by computer is install apache it can shared file for other computer download. by paste in var/www/cc.
17. install webmin by use command (
  1. dpkg -i webmin_1.580_......name file
).step install you must set password for sa. if step install error some packet. so use command (
  1. apt-get install -f
). And test webmin by open browser insert address IP:10000 (https)
After install webmin finish. you can use webmin upload file or delete file and extract file in program webmin. by insert menu other and select file manager. or you can use command
18. copy file for web to servertest. by copy file extarnet.tar.gz and paste in cc for computer is run apache example paste in server2/var/www/cc by use ftp for ubuntu or use upload file in webmin.
19. use command in terminal for servertest (
) for download file paste in home for servertest.
20. extract file in home by use command (
  1. tar -zxvf extranet....file name
21. enter in var and www by use command cd var, cd www
22. move all file in folder to /var/www/ by use command (
  1. mv * /var/www/
24. delete file index.html in program webmin in folder /var/www/ and test run web by enter ip.
25. if web not run or error. you must install packet by use command (
  1. apt-get install php5-sybase
) and test run web
26. edit file getNews.php by change split to explode.

Finished install web Extranet and phpmyadmin

Install syslog
1. install ntp by use command (
  1. apt-get install ntp
2. edit server (
  1. nano /etc/ntp.conf)
change server to << NTP Server IP
use ssh enter to ip. for copy command in blog paste so not typing.
by run terminal in ubuntu computer and use command
  1. ssh sa@IP
insert password of servertest
And see this blog. Method install syslog
1. step difference.
in 1.
if you copy file logzilla_v2...file name to server2/var/www/cc you can use command
in 1.
  1. mv php-syslog-ng logzilla
you must move to file /var/www/
2. difference step 2.Edit /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf . by copy เฉพาะ Code ตรง ส่วน ### Sources ### ไปวางต่อท้าย ไฟล์ดังกล่าว ไม่ต้องทับหมด

  1. ### Sources ###
  2. source s_local {
  3. # message generated by Syslog-NG
  4. internal();
  5. # standard Linux log source (this is the default place for the syslog()
  6. # function to send logs to)
  7. unix-stream("/dev/log");
  8. # messages from the kernel
  9. file("/proc/kmsg" log_prefix("kernel: "));
  10. };
  12. ### Destinations ###
  13. destination d_logzilla {
  14.   program("/var/www/logzilla/scripts/db_insert.pl"
  16.   );
  17. };
  19. ### Logs ###
  20. log {
  21.    source(s_local);
  22.    destination(d_logzilla);
  23. };

3. difference step 3.

  1. cpan Text::LevenshteinXS
in step install you must answer ok and yes
And install

  1. packed cpan -i YAML
after install fist command.
4. difference step 5. set time

  1. crontab -e
you mush select 2 and enter.
5. difference step 6. step install LogZilla setup is not font red in page. if have font red you must edit file.

  1. nano /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini
  2. nano /etc/php5/cli/php.ini

ตาม error นั้น ค้นหาและ แก้ไฟล์ save

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