Windows services

Starting and stopping

On the command line (cmd.exe)

A Windows service can be started and stopped on the command line (if it is not disabled):
net start name-of-service
net stop  name-of-service

Opening the services panel

Type services.msc in the Start-->run box.

Listing services

There are at least three ways to determine what services are: the registry,sc and services.msc. available.

Using the registry

The installed services can be found in the registry under

Using sc

It's also possible to list the services with the command line utility sc:
C:\> sc query state= all | findstr SERVICE_NAME
Note: the space after state= is important. If omitted, sc tries to find a service named state=all which will, most probably, not exist.
If the state= all is omitted altogether, only running services will be returned.


Typing services.msc into Run->Start, or into a cmd console, opens the Service panel which displays all installed services on the system.

Deleting a service

A service can either be deleted by removing all entries belonging to a service from the registry (see above). Or by using sc:
C:\> sc delete service-name
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