Zimbra เปลี่ยน mode ใช้งานแบบ HTTP HTTPS และอื่น ๆ

This command is used to set the Web server zimbraMailMode to the communication protocol options: HTTP, HTTPS, Mixed, Both and Redirect.

1.HTTP. HTTP only, the user would browse to http://zimbra.domain.com.
2.HTTPS. HTTPS only, the user would browse to https:/zimbra.domain.com. http:// is denied.
3.Mixed If the user goes to http:// it will switch to https:// for the login only, then will revert to http:// for normal session traffic. If the user browses to https://, then the user will stay https://
4.Both A user can go to http:// or https:// and will keep that mode for the entire session.
5.Redirect Like mixed if the user goes to http:// it will switch to https:// but they will stay https:// for their entire session.


zmtlsctl [mode]
mode = http, https, mixed, both, redirect

You must use su -zimbra befor use command zmtlsctl.

Steps to run
1.Type zmtlsctl [mode] and press enter.  Excample [code=text]/opt/zimbra/bin/zmtlsctl https[/code] , [code=text]/opt/zimbra/bin/zmtlsctl both[/code]
2.Type [code=text]zmmailboxdctl stop[/code] and press enter.
3.When mailboxd is stopped, type [code=text]zmmailboxdctl start[/code] and press enter.


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