Python :: Python Check Speed Internet On Ubuntu Or PI

Python :: Python Check Speed Internet On Ubuntu Or PI

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Installing speedtest-cli Using pip command:

1. install pip with the following command:
  1. sudo apt-get install python-pip

2. Once pip installed, now install speedtest-cli by using pip command:
  1. sudo pip install speedtest-cli

3. Installing speedtest-cli Manually. To installing speedtest-cli in manually method you need to download the latest speedtest-cli python script from github:

4. make speedtest_cli.py executable
  1. sudo chmod a+rx speedtest_cli.py

5. Move speedtest_cli.py to directory /usr/bin
  1. sudo mv speedtest_cli.py /usr/bin/speedtest-cli

Test Connection Speed using Speedtest-cli. It is easy to check internet speed with speedtest-cli. Just type command speedtest-cli without any arguments.
  1. speedtest-cli 
  1. speedtest-cli --share

For a list of servers Speedtest.net available worldwide, use “–list” option. An ordered list of servers is displayed Speedtest.net (geographically nearest first).
  1. speedtest-cli --list
  1. speedtest-cli --list | grep Thailand
  1. speedtest-cli --server 4347

More information about speedtest-cli, type:
  1. speedtest-cli --help

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